Welcome to Squamish Serpents! I would like to take the time to thank you for dropping by our site!

Here at Squamish Serpents, I am committed to my snakes! I not only want them to live happily, I want them to THRIVE! I do my very best to care for each and every snake equally. I have a modest sized collection, therefore I can take the time to treat them all as pets, rather that “just” breeding stock.

I currently keep ball pythons, corn snakes, a Dumeril’s boa, and a Western Hognose!

If you browse around the site, you will get a feel for the kind of conditions I maintain for my beloved pets. You will see what there is Available for sale, and I will be constantly updating the News section with any interesting/exciting information regarding the collection.

My goals are to breed quality snakes, and provide them with a loving home. I’m also striving to provide you with the very best; when you purchase a snake from Squamish Serpents, you can rest assured that they are of top notch quality, and that they have been fed a quality diet.

Now that you’re here, please stay as long as you like! Check out the various links at the top, and if you have any questions, suggestions, or anything you would like to see on my site, please drop us a line through the Contact Us page.

Thanks again for the visit, and be sure to check back often!

Katia Grondin,
Squamish Serpents